Rural Public Health Institute

The Rural Public Health Institute provides half and full day training workshops on current, timely topics in the area of Rural Public Health. The Institute is designed to provide an opportunity for professional growth, educational enrichment and networking to those professionals who work in the fields of: rural public health, health care, surveillance, epidemiology, preparedness, EMSC, mental health, chronic disease, agriculture, and education. Participants will be able to understand and analyze trends and developments in the field of rural public health through lectures, exercises, discussions and professional networking.

Conference topics are determined by a statewide panel of rural health academics and practitioners. If you are interested in participating in the planning of the next conference please contact us.

In 2012, the Rural Public Health Institute was expanded into two separate conferences to reach a greater audience. The Northern Rural Public Health Institute, located in northwest IL, was created to reach out to the rural public health communities in northern Illinois while the Rural Public Health Institute will continue to reach out to central and southern IL.

10th Annual Southern Rural Public Health Institute

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Featured Tracks:

  • Emerging Issues
  • Preparedness
  • Skills Building
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Transforming Communities

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