Health Care Preparedness Toolkit Released

15 Sep

IPERLC provided support for a preparedness team to be part of the 22nd  MidAmerica Regional Public Health Leadership Institute (MARPHLI) for its year-long public health leadership development program. This team was asked to focus their attention on the impact of ACA on Preparedness, as their project topic. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has improved the […]

Get to Know Your Neighbors

10 Sep

Comprehensive preparedness requires the whole community to participate. Wondering how to help? Get to know your neighbors! Work with older adults and those who require special assistance to make a communication plan and put together a kit including a two-week supply of prescription medication.

Are You Prepared?

8 Sep

Almost half of U.S. adults don’t have a plan or the resources they need if an emergency were to occur. If you’re not sure what to put in your kit take a look at the CDC’s recommended supplies: ‪

National Preparedness Month is here!

1 Sep

September is National Preparedness Month! We’ll be posting resources and information for each week of September. Week 1: Family Week 2: Neighborhood Week 3: Workplace and School Week 4: Global In the meantime, use our handy guide to get involved and “Prepare for Everywhere” 2015 National Preparedness Month Guide  

Register Now for MARPHLI!

28 Aug

We are excited to announce year 23 of the MidAmerica Regional Public Health Institute! Learn more about the program by visiting our MARPHLI page or by viewing our 2015-2016 MARPHLI Brochure. Applications are due October 5, 2015.